About Us

Karen and Xu Tognato are sisters and partners in the art of creating beautiful garments in the coast of Santa Catarina, State in South Brazil. Together they are in charge of Atelieira, a bridal and wedding couture studio that make unique gowns for very special customers.

Atelieria has a team of artisans and craftmanships that together accomplish to create real pieces of art, seeking perfection in every detail besides having the best global suppliers to ensure quality and exclusivity to please the most demanding client. The sisters find inspiration all over the world, in research trips and reports, all incorporated by the lifestyle and tastes of the bride to be.

This is not their first huge success, they were the founders of Carmelitas, a well know globaly brand that was a must-have between London, New York and São Paulo, that was sold to the AMC Group in 2005. Their clients are as diferente and excusite as their fabrics, as Atelieria is exported to all over the world.